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Bitcoin Dice on World Cup 2006 Poster





Official FIFA World Cup™ Germany 2006 Poster.

Offizielles Event-Poster der FIFA WM 2006™.

World Cup Poster 2006


The winning design by Berlin design agency We do Communication GmbH featues a football made up of stars glittering in a night sky. The winning design beat off four rivals in a telephone and text poll by 50,000 people in Germany.

“We liked both the idea and the execution. Stars taking the shape of a football is a new, strongly symbolic idea, and the poster struck an emotional chord with me. In my opinion, football is all about emotion and passion. The fans have made the right choice,” said 2006 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee President Franz Beckenbauer.


Japan Announces Fall Friendlies


The Japan Football Federation announced on July 22 that Japan would face Honduras and a “top European nation” at home this fall. Honduras, which …

Togel Online – Toto Keno Sbobet




Kini situs perjudian besar se-Asia hadir dengan jenis permainan baru yang tak kalah asik yaitu toto keno Sbobet. Judi yang satu ini memang jarang sekali didengar oleh masyarakat terutama bettor online. Toto keno merupakan salah satu permainan yang mengandalkan prediksi dan kemampuan menebak secara akurat namun dengan perhitungan khusus. Tujuannya sendiri yaitu untuk mendapatkan kemenangan dengan cara menebak angka, paling banyak 15 angka. Kemudian masing-masing angka tersebut mempunyai nilai atau skor odd berbeda-beda yang akan menentukan berapa besar kemenangan yang diperoleh bettor nantinya.


Toto Keno Sbobet


Aturan main paling utama dalam toto keno Sbobet yaitu makin banyak angka yang ingin ditebak maka Anda harus siap lebih banyak uang taruhan untuk membayarnya. Hal ini bisa memberikan keuntungan atau bahkan kerugian. Apabila berhasil menang maka otomatis taruhan yang dikeluarkan akan dibayarkan kembali berkali-kali lipat daripada sebelumnya. Begitupun sebaliknya jika Anda sampai kalah maka sudah pasti mengalami kerugian …

Tunnel Energy drink and Energy shots by Vimgo



Last night was Everclear night, so aside from still being a little drunk this morning, I’m also tired as hell. Good thing there is a new energy drink to try out this morning. At least I thought it was new. Straight from our good friends in Germany comes Tunnel energy drink, the most commonly normal Red Bull imitation ever. In fact, in a blind taste test conducted by me, on me, I could not tell the difference between the two at all. At least the can was entertaining, there are several phrases in engrish which make no sense to me at all. “Everybody is interested in you when you get drunken and sick, but nobody when you are thirsty.” What? One, what the hell does that have to do with this beverage other than the word thirsty which might be able to be satisfied by the contents of …

Freesmoke SLIM Electronic E-Cigarette User Manual for Nicotine pouches



Congratulations on your choice and starting a healthy lifestyle that also creates a healthy and environmentally friendly living space for you and your family. Before using this product, please read this manual carefully.

Product components: e-cigarette = e-cigarette, cartridge = cartridge, battery components = rechargeable batteries, power line = power cord, charger = charger, car charging hole (fixed with a car charging plug) = opening for car charger

(if equipped with a car charger) Charging plug)


Table of contents compared to the English instructions for use:


  1. Safety Information
  2. Product Introduction
  3. Structure of an “Electronic Cigarette” – Structure of an “Electronic Cigarette”
  4. Use Methods of “Electronic Cigarette” – Use of the “Electronic Cigarette”
  5. Use Method of Charge
  6. Cautions – Precautions
  7. Suitable and Forbidden People – Suitable for and unsuitable for


safety information… ..01


For the safe and effective use of the “electronic cigarette” and all …

Cricket Suit Live Tips ThopTV IPL


Thoptv live cricket IPL 2020 schedule information is dispersed. Although information about specific or group ratings, suit outcomes, and competitors, track documents amongst groups, are obtainable however expertise concerning “that rated at the beginning of the suit, fifty percent inning favored, the second inning preferred and more” is challenging to get. Both groups completed in the leading 2. IPL has gained so much appeal amongst the cricket followers due to 2 factors, which trigger the cricket followers to miss out on the real-time program. The authority makes each of the cricket suits live newscasts on TV. As a result, the method for the Live newscast is currently really simple to gain access to for the Indian cricket followers. No extra taped program; however, live IPL will remain in this session for the cricket followers. The fellow IPL followers desire to applaud with each four and also 6s their preferred …

Pittsburgh Steelers Football Season Preview and 2022 Desk calendar



Long time coach Bill Cowher retired, offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt left for Arizona , and defensive leader Joey Porter was cut. Former Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin will be under a microscope as he becomes only the 16th coach in the 74 year history of the Steelers, and just the third coach to hold the position since 1969. Last season, the Steelers had a rough time, considering that they are only two years removed from a Super Bowl Championship. That being said, the Steelers have great talent on the team. Charlie Batch had a great year in 2006. In the season opener against Miami , Batch threw three touchdown passes and no interceptions. Buy 2022 Wall Calendars


Even though Charlie Batch played well in relief as quarterback, the role belongs to Big Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger threw for 18 touch downs last season but he also tossed it …

To Rome with Love – Part 2



The most interesting strand involves Alec Baldwin as a gifted artisan, wasting his talent on designing shopping malls, strolling though the back streets reminiscing about his gap year decades ago, when he stumbles on student Jesse Eisenberg there’s a look of recognition and soon Baldwin is sagely offering advice to the lovestruck youth, torn between his live-in girlfriend Greta Gerwig (utterly wasted) and her seductive best pal Ellen Page.  There’s a fascinating premise hidden underneath the usual Allen mannerisms and stock characterisations concerning the emotional scripts we live by and how we’re the sum of our experiences, supported by sly sarcasm mixed with genuine pathos from Baldwin.  It’s a shame that Eisenberg is forced to play the Allen surrogate (he even uses them in films he stars in!) and Page’s actress vamp has no ultimately redeeming qualities other than her sex appeal.  Although I confess Allen might be …

Why we are special in Turkey?

Sightseeing Turkey is a website of Pasifik Travel, a full-fledged Travel Agent & Tour Operator located in the heart of Istanbul. Our best assets are enthusiastic, well-educated guides, drivers & office personnel. They are as eager to share our country’s treasures as you are to experience them.

Over the years we have built a strong & loyal relationship with our service suppliers, specially hoteliers, local guides, transporters & others who have added a touch of Turkish hospitality to your Turkish holiday. Well liked & respected by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies TURSAB & well known in the country & abroad, we have been offering a variety of travel services & holiday planning that are sure to match all your priorities & budget. You arrive at your destination with a professional plan in place: no waiting in lines at museums, no confusion about buying train, coach, flight tickets & no …

Why Do People Take The Paid Options Of Web Hosting?


We all know that the services of a webhost can range from free to expensive ones. At that time, we have to check the type of service we want and how much money we want to spend. So the question arises, why do people ask for expensive services if there are free ones too? There are so many reasons it is better to invest some money in the services we get. It is not an expense because we are using it to host a website on the internet, and the main goal we have is to earn money.

So if we pay a bit of money to get better and reliable service and give that to the customers, it will affect our website in a good way. There are even more reasons for this, and we can check them below in the points,

The bandwidth allowance: Don’t we …

An Unusual Software To Assist You Yes Films


There are many legal Movie4k choices found on the internet that is 100% valid that any Film lover user may use to see films online. What’s Movie2k or even Movie4k? These video gamers won’t get the job done to get Movie2k videos. Movie2k gives an internet directory for many films, and TV shows that guides one to links out that connect to third party document sharing websites that host the movie. Movie2k is just one of the very best and demanding free movies sites to see motion movies online free on the net. Several websites on the internet promise free films of top quality but provide only malware and advertising. Various sites are offering such solutions, among these being Movie2K. Movie2k allows you to view and flow videos, Television episodes, and videos at no cost, unlike other streaming solutions. Seeing a flow on 123Movies is not against the legislation …

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