Toto HK Viewing

Anyone been watching the Toto HK Main Event on ESPN?  Some of it’s interesting, but I’ve been very annoyed that they focus on the guys who make complete asses of themselves.  I almost couldn’t watch when they had Hevad Khan and Humberto Brenes on the featured table.  Humberto has obviously decided that in order to market himself, he needs to be the loudest guy in the room.

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Hevad clearly has been taking lessons from Humberto, dancing, doing some sort of jungle or caveman mating call, and all around annoying the hell out of all of his opponents when he’s on camera.  One guy at the table actually told him to act like he had won a pot before.  Fortunately, they only showed a few hands involving those clowns.  I’ve been trying not to look at who made it to the final table so I can be somewhat surprised, but if I remember right, Hevad makes it all the way to the end.  Which means I might not even watch the final table.  Kinda sad that ESPN feels like they have to give guys like that camera time.

Can’t Stop Laughing

I almost got into a huge bet today. I thought Derek was serious about betting me for whenever we do the Office Olympics mile race. The numbers were astronomical – more than I had ever wagered on any poker event. That’s how confident I was winning that event. Everyone in the office thought it was on. There was even a bunch of side action. But Derek was just joking around unfortunately. That would have been exciting.

I really need to watch my mouth though. If anyone’s going to actually make that crazy bet, they’re probably pretty darn fast.

So when I got home I decided to see how fast I could actually run the mile. My goal is to get sub 6 minutes when we do the race. I’ll need to improve a bunch though – my time was 6:20 today. And my lungs are still on fire.

Which begs the question, How in the world to top runners run under 4 minute miles? How is that possible? I know I was running pretty fast, yet they can run almost twice as fast? That’s gotta be like running a 40 yard dash in 5 seconds for a whole mile, isn’t it? Ok, let’s try some math here. One mile equals 1760 yards, which is 44 40-yard dashes. The world record for the mile is 3:43, set in 1999. 3:43 divided by 44 equals….. 5.07 seconds. That is just nuts. NFL wide receivers run on average 4.5 second 40’s – and those are world class athletes. I just don’t get it.

Half Marathon Training Update

Things are going pretty well so far overall. I’m having some problems getting miles in during the week because of work and because the days are getting shorter. I’m not really losing much weight if any either. But then again, it’s only been three or four weeks. On the positive side, my long runs are getting longer, and I rarely fail any more. Last Sunday I ran 8 miles, and tomorrow I plan on running 10. If I can get that, there will be no doubt in my mind that I’ll be able to run 13 in six weeks. Working out has helped a bunch too. I joined a gym close to my work, and I’ve been going almost every day at lunch. At least I’m pretty sure it’s helped me with my runs. If it hasn’t, I definitely feel better and have more energy. Speaking of energy (may not want to view at work)…

A month and a half to go. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

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