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Let’s Play A Hand, Part 3 wm55

We left off last time in a slightly precarious position, but generally wm55 feeling OK about where we stood. In the situation in part 2, I like a check on the flop for two reasons:
1. A bet won’t necessarily give us the information we want. There’s a flush draw and a loose-passive player with position. In addition, the loose-passive player has a penchant for making annoying steal underbets when checked to.
2. I’d like to get a feel for where the BB is before committing any more chips.We have 2,255 left and the pot is now 1,275. As a reminder, blinds are 75/150.
I think this is about the best possible scenario we could have hoped for. UTG+1’s bet looks weak, as I anticipated, and the BB gives up. That said, UTG+1 does still have position and there are potential overcards that could throw a wrench into things. On …

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