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Fallback Option A: Cat Pics


I kid you not. Cat pics are the bomb. Yes, Facebook postures endlessly about meaningful exciting stimulating unique and directed content. It’s like sleeping in the tent with the guy who ate Mountain House Chili Mac. It’s just another type of hot air.

When my post engagement teeters on the brink of silence I drop in what is essentially a cat pic.

Here’s an example from one of my Facebook Pages. Got more engagement than actual page followers. And it’s just a big green hairless cat.

The big picture though is to find out what your fans and followers really want to see. Find out what they really want to engage with. Find out what they really want to share and like. Big hairless cats, skeleton cats, grumpy cats – whatever it is, provide it to them. Make up some memes with quotes and pics of your products or …


BubblesTranslations can translate your documents into any language. Our ATA certified translators don’t just translate the words but understand the language, culture, and target country. We have specialized translators in a variety of areas — engineering, technical, medical, computers, financial, legal, marketing, just to name a few. We also offer multilingual typesetting and website translation.

About Us

BubblesTranslations evolved as a division of Photo Comp Graphic Communication, who has been in the communications business for over 30 years. With our roots in publishing, it became clear several years ago that global communication was rapidly becoming a necessity for many companies. Countless opportunities exist for those companies who can market their products around the world.

We’ve assembled a select group of professional, experienced and accredited translators to help in “bringing the world closer together”. Our translators have collectively worked with most of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Their …

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