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Why is your hair that color | Top filler injector

Your natural hair color is closely related to your skin color, which is governed by the same melanin pigment. The number of melanin granules in the cortex of the hair and, the shape of the granules determine your natural hair color. If you are really health caution and looking for better consulting on ” Top filler injector “, please visit “https://dorisdaymd.com” today.
In most cases the melanin granules are elongated in shape and people who have a large number of elongated melanin granules in the cortex, will have natural black hair.
Slightly fewer elongated granules will have natural brown hair and those with even less will have natural blonde hair.
Sperical or oval granules will give you natural red hair and a mixture of both will result in a rich, reddish brown hair color.
Your natural hair color darkens with age but, at some stage in our lives …

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