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Silk by what can pick the body’s second skin reputation

Manmade fiber is the character of gentle, smooth, fine as one of the natural fiber content, known as the “human second epidermis,” the particular reputation of a well-known as the “Fiber queen.” Its main parts are generally pure natural pet healthy proteins fiber, its construction and even human skin is usually the most comparable, generally there are 87% identical, contains some sort of variety of human body should amino acids, has windproof, dehumidification, soothe the nerves, feed in addition to balance the effectiveness involving human skin. Manmade fiber simple, breathable, soft, hygroscopic, not itching and anti-static functions such as the development of private clothing of this superior material, and silk as the excellent regarding the silk is extra personal warmth, fluffy gentle, for you to health care, this sort of as the unique quality and advantages. Ancient royalty, well-connected quilt, with man made fiber was. Therefore, the silk quilt is …

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