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Ideas To Your Theme Party

You may take a great deal of fun on this. We’ve worked on a couple of cocktail celebrations – martini, champagne, cosmopolitan, tequila, and spirits are popular motif options. What I really like about Hennessy is that you can also play up the angle that is Irish and incorporate this. There are a great deal of resources online for organizing a St. Patty’s Day or Irish theme celebration – like decorating and menu ideas – plus you might easily integrate that in your Hennessy themed celebration. I’ve got a few amazing tips for your invitations. Of course you can always do a Irish themed invitation (green, shamrocks, Celtic vision, etc). But for something very creative, you can do a invitation containing snifter glass or a Hennessy bottle. You can print the invitation info about the bottle’s label.

This may be a image of the or printed on some Dekoideen. …

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