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먹튀검증업체 Text Gambling Live On C4

My Text Gambling Bugbear is still alive and kicking. It was my first post on 먹튀검증업체 a while back and the C4 Big Brother programme now uses this form of Text Gambling/Quiz For Prizes and is doing so Live On Mainstream Television (C4).
I have been watching some Big Brother and am amazed to see that people text in thier selections over and over to try and win £50 costing a mere 50 pence a text.
As I said then when dealing with the Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Bug Match Text Competition and as I say it again now ~ it is just way too easy for a child to get hold of mums or dads mobile phone or indeed use their own that is linked to mums or dads phone bill to run up a bill of ridiculous proportions.
While soppy newspaper reporters are jumping on the …

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