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Today I went to the beach. That fact, in and of itself, is not very interesting, as the beach is a scant four blocks from my current home, and it seems reasonable to assume, living as close to the slot demo beach as I do, that going to the beach is the same as going to the Early Bird dinner at 4:30 is for senior citizens who live in Florida. What makes today’s excursion interesting, then, is that it was the first time I had been to the beach in quite a while.
When I first moved to my current location, back in September, I was at the beach four or five times a week. Sometimes, it was just for a walk along the surf or to sit out in the sun for a while and listen to the waves. Other times, I would go for a three-mile jog and follow it up with a twenty-minute swim. As the water temperature and the weather turned cooler, I stopped swimming. I also stopped jogging because I kept “tweaking” my right ankle and I decided I needed to let it rest and heal for a while. (Ha. Or at least that’s what I told my lazy ass.)
All through November and December, and even for a good part of January, I kept going down to the beach periodically, mainly to walk in the surf and watch the dolphins. One day after a surprisingly long rainstorm, I found a living sand dollar washed up on the beach, which was pretty neat. After watching his sessile self for a little while, I picked him (her?) up and carried him out into the water, to give him a fighting chance of surviving.
In February, however, I pretty much stopped going to the beach. I’m not sure if the novelty’s worn off, or if winter has put a damper on my beach-going affection, and that when the weather is warm enough for my jog-swims, I’ll start them up again. I know people pay quite a bit of money to live close to the beach, and I wonder if the same thing doesn’t happen to most of them. Then, I also wonder, if it DOES, why pay all that money? One answer might be that the area is nice enough without the beach to justify the cost. But given that I’ve seen the tiny shoeboxes that people around here stuff themselves into (at costs that would make even a New Yorker blush), I have to wonder if that’s true.
This all ties into my apartment search, of course. Which also ties into my job search. Which also ties into my apartment situation in New York. Which also ties into the fact that I don’t have a damn clue what I’m doing with myself in the immediate future.
Watch Out, Coney Island…
As reported in today’s issue of the Santa Monica Daily Press:
Members of the City Council voted 4-2 Tuesday to ban smoking on the beach and to limit it to designated areas of the Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica — which last year banned smoking in its parks — is now the third city in California to ban smoking on its beaches, behind Solana Beach and San Clemente.
Los Angeles Councilman Jack Weiss, who addressed the council Tuesday, said his drive to ban smoking on all beaches in LA will go before the slot demo City Council on April 6. ‘They said it couldn’t be done with restaurants. They said it couldn’t be done with bars,’ Weiss said. ‘We started that in Southern California and it spread throughout the nation.’
So did bodybuilding, Jack, and look what that’s gotten us — an action hero as governor.
Seriously though, I’m all for the ban. I have no sympathy for smokers, especially since all of the facts about the awful, harmful and addictive effects of smoking are public knowledge, and also because so many smokers seem to feel that a sidewalk, a neighbor’s lawn, or the beach is an acceptable place for them to dispose of their cigarette butts. I also don’t buy into the “civil liberties” argument that smokers (predictably) will cop here. To me, this ordinance is no different than the one which prohibit glass containers from being brought on the beach.
So puff quickly, Marlboro Man. Your time on my beach is just about up.
The Virgin Suicides
Has it really come to this? According to the article, the use of children is not a new tactic by the Palestinians, and some parents of teenage suicide bombers have hailed their children as heroic martyrs. Apparently teenage suicide is ok as long as the teenagers take out a few Israelis with them. Just try to imagine that mindset. Right. Neither can I.
Can there be any solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict when such animosity not only exists on both sides, but is fostered in children?
Overheard today: “If you get a Predator helmet and mask and a t-shirt that says ‘I am The Retarded Predator’, I’ll worship you.”

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