Safety Tips on Brassica Online Banking

There have been significant strides in technology in the last few years. You can be able to do your banking anywhere provided you are connected to the internet. However, even with banking online services at your disposal it important that we take great precaution. The criminals in our society have also become savvier and smarter. The online world has experienced cyber criminal that are able to operate through websites, e-mails and nonexistent persons. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry as there are some safety tips on online banking tips that you can use that will guarantee that you are safe from these cyber criminals.
The most important aspect in Brassica online banking is to protect your password. Passwords are your key to your online account. When cyber criminal have access to this significant information, they can cause a lot of financial damage. To prevent this from happening, avoid using a password that is personal. This includes your phone number, birthday, social security number or physical address. Come up with a password that has a combination of numbers and letters. Try to come up with one that is long and keep changing it with time.
Always be wary of emails that look suspicious. Most cyber criminals who want to get information from unsuspecting people do this through emails. They send emails purporting to be from legitimate financial institutions asking for your PINs and other information. Majority of banks that offer online banking services have guidelines of their safety standards on their site.
To detect these emails is easy because they don’t seem to address you correctly. In fact most of them have a lot of grammatical errors. Always enquire from your bank if you suspect any of these emails. Invest in a suitable anti-virus firewall and anti-virus software. Keep in constant communication with your bank.
The Best and Worst Bank In 2010
The most annoying thing about banks for most people is the fees. This is especially true when they charge you on making deposits to your accounts. However, with all these said and done, some banks are worse than others when it comes to charges and fees. Many of these banks make a lot of money from these charges. The ranking for the best bank and the worst bank respectively is done according to some factors. The best banks 2010 are strong and will pay their shareholder dividends on time.
The banks are ranked according to the average equity that they hold. Furthermore, the interest margin that they charge their consumer is also used to rank banks. The performance of banks is also pegged on the total number of successful loans that they offer their clients. The reserve of the percentage of net percentage loans is also an indicator. Finally, other factors include the leverage ratio and the capital ratio that the bank holds.
Among the best banks is bank of Hawaii which was ranked number one according to the Forbes list of the best banks. The bank has weathered the economic meltdown with its popular loan policies when other banks were being lured into real estate and mortgage policies. Another bank that comes out tops is UMB financial bank in Kansas withstanding the economic crisis and coming out a stronger than before. Its policies which are largely conservative have endeared it to its clients. Commerce Bancshares is another bank that has weathered the financial storm. It has 144% in money accrued from non performing loans.
Among the worst banks list include sterling financial (STSA), capitol Bancorp (CBC), R&G Financial, Flagstar Bancorp. All the banks in this group were hurt badly by the economic crisis. They had the worst capital ratios.

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