Online Gambling Discussion On Slot Malaysia With Mike Dicken

Gambling on the internet is becoming big business. That can only mean 1 thing. People are losing big money. It is a seedy pastime, for nerds only says “My Health Is Not In Question” – Mike Dicken
Andrew Poole the Young Persons Education Officer of Slot Malaysia is the first and probably last expert on the show. Andrew Poole is not really saying very much I would not already know, but certainly stuff non internet gamblers would not.
Main point of concern is youngsters gambling online. Andrew has spoken of a few instances where kids have got online to gamble, some even with their parents credit card.
Another point of discussion Mike Dicken is having with Andrew Poole is the payout and depositing methods. Mike Dicken is fully aware that gambling debts are not recoverable by law. Mike is not sure why people bother pay the debts actually.
Andrew says that some online gamblers have lost houses and that online gamblers have had marriage break-ups and relationship problems. Quite worrisome actually.
Mike Dicken thinks that the internet is the next dangerous thing since the invention of the hydrogen bomb Internet gambling is one of the main problems with the internet and Mike Dicken reckons the problem is reachine “epidemic” proportions. Especially with the lack of regulation. Mike has a solid point there. The lack of real online gambling regulation is a crying shame in my opinion.
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