Male Enhancement Devices and MEMBER XXL UK


All penis extender devices on the market today are all built on the same principle. By stretching the penis gently over a set period of time, the penises cells will be stimulated and will encourage growth in both length and girth.

Safer than surgery

Penis stretching devices, which are based on exercise techniques known as Jelqing, is considered by medical leaders as a safer and more effective method of enlargement than surgery. Despite enlarging penises, surgery is incredibly expensive and runs the risk of infection, impotence, and typically results in poorer quality erections.

Comfortable & easy to wear

Penis extender can be worn underneath a loose trouser and can be adjusted to apply the desired amount of traction in order to stretch the penis. Over a period of time, the penis cells grow and multiply under this force thereby elongating the penis.

This is one of the most sure-shot ways of stretching the penis to a bigger size with MEMBER XXL UK

Extenders are available as stand-alone extender devices and also some companies like Size Genetics & ProExtender offer a bundle of extras to go along with them.

Which one do I buy? Make the right choice

We understand the difficulty online consumers face when trying to make an informed choice. Our intention is to provide you with a balanced view and provide enough information for you to feel confident enough to make a decision.

As a result, we have reviewed and rated best performing Penis Extenders based upon over 25 different parameters like speed of results, quality of the device, price, efficiency etc. We believe in honesty. We do not accept any money for writing the reviews – PERIOD. If you like any product that we reviewed, we would kindly request you to order it through any conveniently placed links from our site for which we are compensated.

How does SizeGenetics work?

Imagine a weight trainer lifting a weight. As he does so, with progressively heavier weights, he will stretch and train the muscles he is lifting with.

This causes small micro tears and cell duplications to occur along the muscle, and as the muscle heals, it will become larger, firmer and hold more blood as it gets bigger.

Penis traction devices work in a similar way. You simply attach the device to your penis, and without you lifting a finger, it supplies a steady and constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa (the part of the penis that holds blood during erections).

This can cause the cells in the Copora Cavernosa to actually pull away and eventually split, creating new healthy cells due to cell duplication and allowing the Copora Cavernosa to become larger.

And if you can make the Copora Cavernosa bigger, you can access bigger and harder erections to enjoy!

When you use SizeGenetics as directed, your penis can respond to the traction. It’s that simple. The medical community has long been aware that the body has amazing ability to grow, and has used traction technology in a wide variety of medical treatments, including for the stretching of stunted arms and legs. Now this traction technology can be applied safely to YOUR penis.




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