Getting ready for high stakes เเทงหวยออนไลน์


I don’t get the game show network, so i’ve never seen this show before. I also can’t download it on my computer because the latest bittorent always rolls my internet connection.

I’m downloading it on another computer right now and i’m really excited to watch it. I’ve heard great things about this show. All I know about it is that it’s supposed to be a regular high stakes NL cash game with whole card shown and everything.

I’m really excited to see this because tournaments are getting lame and repetitive. It’s always, “He’s on the button with BigSlick and makes it 4 times the big blind. I like this bet Vince. He’s betting enough to push out lower hands that could draw out on him.. Oh and the big blind wakes up with pocket queens! Two ladies, the heart breakers! And he pushes all in! and AKs calls! This is a $200,000 coin flip situation, Vince. Neither player could avoid this.”

high stakes เเทงหวยออนไลน์ hoping that high stakes poker will show a lot of play, instead of just the big drama hands. I also wonder if they’re playing poker with their own money in this show? I bet they must be getting some sort of payment for appearing on TV and playing regular cash game poker…

The high stakes poker torrent is going at about 300kb/s. I’m going to go watch it in a few minutes and I’ll follow up with a short review tomorrow.


The BloggerPods tournament was a blast. I had all the tables opened up, spread across both my monitors, and everyone was chatting and having fun. It seemed like everyones goal was to bust someone with the hammer (72o). I saw five players get all their chips in preflop with 72o. Bloggers can’t resist this hand.

I ended up coming in 7th out of 50 – one shy of the $3 6th place prize. It would have been nice to finish in the top 3 and save ony of the iPods.

Make sure you register for the DADI 8 blogger tournament Tomorrow. It should be another fun laid back tournament, with a nice overlay of cash and prizes.

Chimp and a Chair

We all laugh at Wongs stories of his happy ending auto shop, stolen tow truck, and poker playing / mechanic monkeys. But still, in the back of our head we wonder how much of it can be true?

I was thinking about this because PokerShare just bought a monkey into the $10,000 WSOP main event. His name is Mikey, and if he busts you, pokershare will buy you into the 2007 WSOP, providing you wear a monkey costume.

Following an intensive spell of poker training, nightly home games, and repeated watching of the film ‘Rounders’, Mikey is ready.

It will be interesting to see how far the monkey goes into the tournament, but it can’t be to good for poker if he gets deep. Maybe Wong can fill us in on how good monkeys are at poker…

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