Freesmoke SLIM Electronic E-Cigarette User Manual for Nicotine pouches




Congratulations on your choice and starting a healthy lifestyle that also creates a healthy and environmentally friendly living space for you and your family. Before using this product, please read this manual carefully.

Product components: e-cigarette = e-cigarette, cartridge = cartridge, battery components = rechargeable batteries, power line = power cord, charger = charger, car charging hole (fixed with a car charging plug) = opening for car charger

(if equipped with a car charger) Charging plug)


Table of contents compared to the English instructions for use:


  1. Safety Information
  2. Product Introduction
  3. Structure of an “Electronic Cigarette” – Structure of an “Electronic Cigarette”
  4. Use Methods of “Electronic Cigarette” – Use of the “Electronic Cigarette”
  5. Use Method of Charge
  6. Cautions – Precautions
  7. Suitable and Forbidden People – Suitable for and unsuitable for


safety information… ..01


For the safe and effective use of the “electronic cigarette” and all other necessary products, please read the following information carefully before use, and strictly follow the standardized usage.


Using the “Electronic Cigarette”


After the correct installation of the new cartridge (depot, brown) and battery in white (the first charge must be carried out until the charger shows green), the “electronic cigarette” goes into “stand-by” status and simulated smoking can be activated by inhalation with Nicotine pouches. The cartridge (depot) must be replaced with the one supplied before smoking for the first time or when the smoke is very low. Simply pull off the brown depot clockwise and put on a new one. When the lithium battery is empty, the indicator on the front of the cigarette body will flash continuously, which means that a new, charged lithium battery must be used.


Use of the mains charger


Please screw the lithium battery into the charger that is supplied with the electronic cigarette. The charger can normally be operated with an AC voltage of 100 V – 240 V 50/60 Hz.

To reduce danger, the charger should be disconnected from the mains before you screw in a new battery. The charger should also be removed from the socket when you are not using it.

It is forbidden to use the charger outdoors or in a damp environment.


Safety information… ..02


Precautions for carrying the electronic cigarette.

If you carry the “electronic cigarette” with you, you should especially avoid knocks or bending the e-cigarette. For longer transports, transport the e-cigarette horizontally if possible or replace the filled depot with an empty one so that no liquid can leak out.


Parts of the electronic cigarette


The “electronic cigarette” is a high-tech product and the associated components such as the cartridge (depot, atomizer), battery and charger and so on are only intended for this. The use of other components will result in malfunction of the electronic cigarette and damage to this device and will void the warranty.


Use in public


The “electronic cigarette” does not produce harmful smoke for others, nor does it harm your fellow human beings or the environment. Also, it does not have to be lit and therefore does not pose a fire hazard, so that it can be used safely in most public places.


Safety information… ..03


Do not use the “electronic cigarette” while driving.

When driving a car, please ensure that you are in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region where you are staying. Focus on driving and keep your attention on the road. Do not use an “electronic cigarette” while driving and keep your “electronic cigarette” properly stowed in order to protect it from damage that the product could suffer from a collision.




When using or storing this product, a hot and / or humid environment should be avoided. Do not let children play with the “electronic cigarette” or its components. Avoid improper operation, which could result in damage to this product. The “electronic cigarette” should be kept properly and out of the reach of children. When using the “electronic cigarette”, it is advisable that the time and frequency of puffing do not exceed that of a traditional cigarette.


Product introduction ….. 04


The principle of the “electronic cigarette”


The “Electronic Cigarette” uses advanced microelectronic technologies and very advanced physical atomization technology to atomize the nicotine dilution with high purity extracted from tobacco and prepare it for smokers to smoke. The dilution used will contain nicotine (or not), tobacco, and flavor flavors.


The invention of the “electronic cigarette” is a revolution for mankind in the history of smoking. Undoubtedly, the invention brings a gospel to mankind, especially smokers, and has very far-reaching implications for the human way of life. The “electronic cigarette” is able to inhibit or end negative addiction through the normal throat.


The “electronic cigarette” is a substitute for cigarettes, but it does not burn and therefore does not burn any harmful substances.

Thus the “electronic cigarette” is the best substitute for a normal cigarette.


Product introduction …. 05

Significant advantages of the “Electronic Cigarette”


  1. Free from tar and other carcinogenic substances with harmful effects on the human body.
  2. Non-flammable, no 4000 harmful chemicals, like the common cigarette.
  3. Harmless to others and no pollution produced by “passive smoking”;
  4. Without the risk of fire accidents and can be used in most public places.
  5. Wide range of work and able to work, usually usable between -5 degrees to 42 degrees.
  6. Nice design, and simulates smoking with a temperature similar to human body temperature.
  7. Electromagnetically shielded, free from electromagnetic radiation.
  8. The nicotine content of the individual liquid containers is lower than that of 20 normal cigarettes.


Structure of an “electronic cigarette” ….. 06

Cigarette body


The cigarette is an integrated structure consisting of a stainless steel case, lithium-ion battery, smart chip and program-controlled circuits, atomization chamber, cartridge. There is an indicator light at the front of the tip.

Build-in lithium battery = integrated lithium battery

Stainless steel shell = stainless steel casing

Cartridge = cartridge

Atomization chamber = atomization chamber

Smart chip controller = Smart chip controller

Operating mode indicator = Operating mode (indicator light)


Structure of an “electronic cigarette” ….. 07

atomization cartridge


The atomizer part (brown) of the “electronic cigarette” consists of an inhaler and a liquid container. The liquid that is atomized is stored in this liquid container and is free from harmful components for the human body, such as tar and carcinogenic substances (with the exception of nicotine).

The nicotine content in the cartridge is classified into high, medium, low and zero with different flavors,

tailored to the needs of different smokers.


Inhaler =

Inhaler cover = Inhaler cover


Structure of an “electronic cigarette” ….. 08

Battery and charger


The “electronic cigarette” uses a special 3.7 V lithium-ion battery and the associated charger is also a special device for this battery. Both battery and charger cannot be replaced by another battery or charger. The supply voltage of the charger is alternating current 100V – 240V 50 / 60Hz. During a trip, care should be taken to ensure that the value of the local supply voltage corresponds to the charger for the “electronic cigarette”.

Power plug = power plug

Battery component screw in = screw socket for battery


use of the “electronic cigarette” ….. 09

1, installation

Step 1: Unpack the cartridge and remove the cartridge cover.

Step 2: Attach the cartridge to the e-cigarette.


2, mode of operation

If you put the “electronic cigarette” in your mouth and pull on it, the device is activated and the indicator on the front of the cigarette body lights up. When the inhalation is ended, the nebulization is correspondingly stopped and the operating mode changes to the standby mode. The best angle when using this device is horizontal and it is not appropriate to hold the device upwards. This prevents small amounts of liquid from flowing out of the device into your mouth. The built-in microcomputer programs have a self-cleaning function. When the number of puffs on the “electronic cigarette” has reached 1500, the indicator on the front of the cigarette body lights up for 6 seconds, which means that the microcomputer programs automatically clean the device.


Using the “electronic cigarette” ….. 10

Changing the battery

If the indicator on the front of the cigarette body flashes slowly (approx. 10-15 times) while using this device, this means that the battery has to be replaced.


Changing the cartridge

If, while using this device, you notice that the amount of smoke is significantly reduced, replace the depot with a new one.

Installation = installation

plug-in = insert


use of the “electronic cigarette” ….. 11

Battery Replacement = battery change

Screw in = screw in

  1. Remove the dead battery.
  2. Screw in a full battery. Changing the


  1. Pull out the empty nicotine-free cartridge.
  2. Insert a new cartridge.


Charging Methods ….. 12

If the indicator on the front of the cigarette body flashes while using this device, the associated charger should be used to charge the battery. To charge the battery, connect the power cord to the charger and plug it into the wall socket. Then screw the battery into the charger. After charging for about 3-4 hours, the charger indicator changes from red to green, which means that the battery is fully charged. Remove the battery and disconnect the charger’s power source.

Red: must be charged

Red / Green: not fully charged yet

Green: charged


Precautions ….. 13

It is forbidden to charge the battery near a high temperature, heat source.

It is forbidden to manipulate the battery.

If you notice that the battery generates excessive smell or heat, becomes discolored or deformed or shows any abnormalities during the charging process, please disconnect the power source immediately and remove the battery from the cigarette body or the charger and avoid further use of this battery. This charger can only be used to charge the lithium-ion battery of the “electronic cigarette”. Do not try to use this charger to charge any other type of battery. Please keep the “electronic cigarette” and cartridge out of the reach of children.

This device can only be used with the associated charger and battery supplied by our company.


Precautions …. 14

The first charge must be carried out for 8 hours and further charges for regular use must be carried out for 3-4 hours. It is forbidden to bring the nicotine dilution contained in the cartridge of this “electronic cigarette” into direct contact with the mucous membranes. No direct ingestion by mouth is allowed. This is a high-tech electronic product and impacts or collisions must be avoided. To prevent overuse of the product, the front indicator will flash for 10 seconds as a reminder when the cigarette is drawn for 15 consecutive times within a minute.



Suitable for and not suitable for ….. 15

Suitable for:

People who smoke for a long time and who suffer from discomfort without smoking a cigarette. People who work long periods in non-smoking areas but are in the habit of smoking.


Children and young people under 18 years of age. Non-smokers, people who are sensitive or allergic to nicotine. Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Instructions for use:

Electronic cigarettes are not suitable for young people under the age of 18, pregnant women, mothers who are breastfeeding and people with cardiovascular diseases.

Filter deposits with nicotine content are harmful to the heart, blood pressure and coronary arteries. The consumption of filter deposits with nicotine content increases the risk of myocardial infarction. Filter depots with nicotine content are not suitable for non-smokers.




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