Eyebrows Tips – Explained by Facelift Surgery Atlanta

Be careful about the distance between the brows and the length of the brows. If you are looking forward to Facelift Surgery Atlanta
Always pluck your eyebrows in between. Don’t pluck the top of the brow as it may become fuzzy.
If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, see a professional.
If your brows are messy on top, have a facialist wax them.
The most elegant brow is elongated, clean and simple.
To judge the appropriate shape for your brow, follow these steps
Look straight in the mirror. To see where bs should start, hold a pencil vertically against one nostril. Where the pencil meets your brow is a good starting point. Repeat on the other side
Hold a pencil vertically against one nostril. Angle it so that it aligns corner of the eye. Where the pencil hits the brow is where it should end.
The shape of the eyebrow is correct when the beginning of the brow is aligned with the center of the nostril and the arch falls over the back third of the eye.
Hold a ruler parallel to your nose, and level with the inner corner of the eye, to work out where the brow should begin.
Eyelash Curler
A professional makeup artist absolutely could not do without one. Even a non-makeup women should use an eyelash curler – it adds life and body to lashes without mascara and is the one makeup tool we should never omit from our tool kit. While the heated variety work rather like an iron to keep the lashes pressed into shape for longer, standard curlers still give a perfectly satisfying result.
Eyeshadow Brush
For the really indulgent, three eyeshadow brushes will take you wherever you want to go in style. A tiny brush allows you to go right up to the eyelash line for fine precision work (when you want to draw a single line, or accentuate the crease in your eyellid). A medium one will pick up a lot of colour and wash it over the lid in a couple of moves, and a big diffuser brush will let you really blend, blend, blend. Resist the temptation to dip this brush into vibrant shadows – save it for applying the neutral base colours that are staple undercoat for any look.
Foundation Sponges
Foundation Sponges are brilliant for building up coverage slowly in layers. For liquid and cream foundations, use a wedge to give you control and help spread it evenly. Avoid natural sponges- use even textured synthetic ones (make sure they are latex-free), which are soft and malleable.
Glossy Eyes
First used in black and white hollywood films, the glossy eye has been firmly reinstated at the forefront of fashion. It looks great but requires major upkeep, so it is a definite no no for everyday wear.
Glossy Eyes Applying Tips
Prepare eyelids with foundation and powder.
Add a generous scoop of loose powder underneath your lower lashes. This will catch any falling color pigments and can be swept off easily afterwards.
Then choose your favourite single eyeshadow color (anything from baby pink to citrous orange) and sweep it generously, and evenly, from the lash line right upto the brow bone. Gently dust off any fallen color shadow with a large powder brush
Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. At this point, once the gloss is applied, you will run the risk of smudging your lids and eyelashes.
Remember that this look works best on the very young. For anyone over 35, creamy shadows are far more flattering.

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