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Cool unique Slot Online VIP Program is a poker ‘Rakeback Provider’ that admit online poker players to get a portion of their give rake back into their bank. But that isn’t all. Slot Online takes excellentcare of their players, recommendation them special VIP perks.
Online poker rooms finances their job by taking a small percentage, usually 5% up to $3, of each pot; this is called the ‘Rake’. When a player get a ‘Rakeback’, they are essentially getting a percentage of the rake they present handed back to them.
RakeVIP, as a rakeback provider, is a single destination for online poker players to sign-up for rakeback from a host of today’s most popular online poker rooms. Not only that, but with RakeVIP, you’re getting the super rakeback % you can possibly get from any provider.
RakeVIP Poker Rakeback Plus
RakeVIP has developed a VIP program called Rakeback Plus that favor its members more so than …

Scott Clements Wins Bellagio Five-Star kodokmas Prelim

Scott Clements and Ted Lawson finished first and second in Saturday’s $5,000 kodokmas event at Bellagio’s Five-Star World Poker Classic. Clements’ victory and the $206,000 top-prize put him just over the $3-million mark in lifetime tournament cashes.
Scott Clements and Ted Lawson finished first and second in Saturday’s $5,000 no-limit hold’em event at Bellagio’s Five-Star World Poker Classic. Clements’ victory and the $206,000 top-prize put him just over the $3-million mark in lifetime tournament cashes. Lawson won $122,150.
Funnyman Brad Garrett is putting away his comedy act for a serious cause on April 20, when he will host a charity poker tournament at the Hollywood Park Casino to benefit the 1736 Family Crisis Center. The tournament begins at 1 p.m., and the buy-in is $350 with $100 rebuys throughout the first.
Vance, who won a European Poker Tour event in February, returned to his home country to take down the …

Bmw 5 Series Sedan

Bmw 5 series is still a cool Car style for BMW fans.Today,Bmw blog would like to introduce Bmw 5 series Sedan to all of BMW fans:The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size / executive car manufactured by BMW since 1972. The car, now in its fifth generation, is sold in sedan and touring body styles.
Exterior design.
“If a vehicle doesn’t look dynamic how are we supposed to believe that it drives dynamically? You have to be able to both see and feel its character. It’s the same with talent: It’s not enough just to have it, you have to be able to use it.” Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design.
Interior design.
“In the interior dynamics and elegance are represented in one flowing movement from the instrument panel to the door. This can instantly be felt. All of the high-quality control elements are ergonomically positioned for a …

Thirty Something Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation for women over thirty is quite popular. During the thirties, some women may notice stretching of the skin surrounding the breasts. Women in their thirties may notice breast droopiness. They may also notice other breast changes following pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss. The breast-to-under the breast ratio and breast-to-waist ratio becomes more important as well. As the first signs of age appear on the breasts, thirty something women may become more concerned about limiting the effects of aging on the breasts. The thirty something time frame tends to be one when women are also more dedicated to physical fitness and diet. So, why not consider breast augmentation to complement body contours? The advantages are multi-pronged, including:
Increase Breast Size: An increased breast size is highly desirable for women in their thirties.
Restore Misshapen Breasts: Women in thirties may experience misshapen breasts, the results of pregnancy and weight …

Fallback Option A: Cat Pics


I kid you not. Cat pics are the bomb. Yes, Facebook postures endlessly about meaningful exciting stimulating unique and directed content. It’s like sleeping in the tent with the guy who ate Mountain House Chili Mac. It’s just another type of hot air.

When my post engagement teeters on the brink of silence I drop in what is essentially a cat pic.

Here’s an example from one of my Facebook Pages. Got more engagement than actual page followers. And it’s just a big green hairless cat.

The big picture though is to find out what your fans and followers really want to see. Find out what they really want to engage with. Find out what they really want to share and like. Big hairless cats, skeleton cats, grumpy cats – whatever it is, provide it to them. Make up some memes with quotes and pics of your products or …

Poker in slothoki Louisiana

As I watched the WSOP on slothoki , I caught a commercial for the Mighty River Poker League. It’s a Louisiana based poker club that promises to send someone to the 2005 WSOP.

Of course, I had to check it out. It turns out there’s a Baton Rouge league and a Lafayette league. You pay a membership fee ($50) and monthly dues ($15) to enter and receive 5000 points. You use those points to enter tournaments and the top 200 points winners at the end of the season get to play in a tournament for one seat in the 2005 WSOP.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. Each tournament also has a separate prize pool for those who Joo bonus want to play for money as well (extra $25 entry fee, and 100% of entry fees are paid back out).

That’s all the good news. The bad news is that …

Alpha Hydroxy Acids – A Cure for Photodamage?

We all have heard about them but do we know what they are and what they do for our skin? It turns out that a-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are important components of optimal skin care and their benefits have been studied and documented for some time now. These distinctive molecules provide us with plethora of opportunities for individualizing skin treatments to fit our unique needs.

They can be used as a monotherapy or be a part of a comprehensive skin care management. This article will review the current understanding of AHAs, their biology as well as their benefits and risks when used in cosmetic and medical applications. Information about other cosmetic procedures can be found on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures patient guide.

Alpha hydroxy acids is a group of compounds derived from food products including glycolic (from sugar cane,) lactic (from sour milk,) …

How to Buy a Home with Cash

A mortgage is one of those things that we tend to just assume is a part of growing up. After all, homes are expensive. How could you possible afford to buy a home without taking out a mortgage? Well, there are people who do it. And they aren’t just all rich! In this quick article, I’ll show you how they do it!
Save money by living on a single income
The key to being able to buy a home without a mortgage is saving up enough to be able to pay for it in cash. That might sound like a totally insane idea for anyone who isn’t a billionaire. But it is possible. If you’re like most couples, both you and your spouse or Brassica investment partner are working. Rather than living a lifestyle that requires both incomes, live as if only one of you were working.
Then, immediately squirrel …

먹튀사이트 Turbo Championship (TCOOP) Press Release

LONDON, UK – DECEMBER 18 – PokerStars today released the schedule for the second annual Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) series, which will take place from January 17-27, 2013 and guarantee $15,000,000 in tournament prizes – $5,000,000 more than in 2012!
The 11-day festival features a wide range of buy-ins, which start at just $7.50 and peak with a $2,100 High Roller event. The highlight of the 50-event series is the $700 NL Hold’em Main Event, which takes place on Sunday, January 27 and guarantees $2,000,000 with a minimum $300,000 for first place.
Team PokerStars Online member Mickey ‘mement_mori’ Petersen can’t wait for the series to start. Petersen said: “TCOOP is a great series that offers something for everyone – regardless of the game or buy-in you’re looking for – all in a fast-paced format! Turbos are great because they combine just the right mix of skill and calculated …

Monthly Craft Supply Subscription Box of Diamond Dotz

Businesses that deliver a package full of specialty goodies once a month have exploded in popularity in the last few years. From traditional subscriptions that deliver a different box of fruit each month, to more unique options, like small batch, flavored marshmallows every quarter, there is something right for everyone on your holiday shopping list — even the handicrafters. An arts and crafts subscription is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves making things. And with lots of different options to choose from, you can find one that’s perfect for your intended recipient.

There are drawing and painting subscription boxes for artists, specialty paper boxes for card makers and scrapbookers and many more. There are even kits that include a different type of project each month. These are perfect for anyone who enjoys trying out new art trends. Keep in mind, too, that subscription boxes are available for both adults …

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