Bmw 5 Series Sedan

Bmw 5 series is still a cool Car style for BMW fans.Today,Bmw blog would like to introduce Bmw 5 series Sedan to all of BMW fans:The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size / executive car manufactured by BMW since 1972. The car, now in its fifth generation, is sold in sedan and touring body styles.
Exterior design.
“If a vehicle doesn’t look dynamic how are we supposed to believe that it drives dynamically? You have to be able to both see and feel its character. It’s the same with talent: It’s not enough just to have it, you have to be able to use it.” Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design.
Interior design.
“In the interior dynamics and elegance are represented in one flowing movement from the instrument panel to the door. This can instantly be felt. All of the high-quality control elements are ergonomically positioned for a perfect fit as soon as you take a seat.” Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design
Brake Energy Regeneration.
Until now, braking meant losing energy. Brake Energy Regeneration puts an end to this by winning energy back during braking to charge the battery.
Efficient engines.
Mature but not at the end of the development cycle: the combustion engine still holds considerable potential. With every new generation of engines the BMW engineers continue to push the boundaries as far as possible to increase dynamics and efficiency.
Eight-speed automatic transmission Steptronic.
The most comfortable way to save: the eight-speed automatic transmission Steptronic not only ensures incredibly soft changes and reduces background noise at high speeds, it also significantly reduces fuel consumption.
Integral Active Steering.
A new, flowing driving feeling. More agility and stability in every situation. Rear wheels that help to turn up to a maximum of three degrees – a small movement with large effects.
Head-Up Display.
One second and 28 metres. This is how long it takes to take your eyes off the road and read 100 km/h on the speedometer. Head-Up Display projects your current speed into your direct field of vision on the windscreen. And the BMW ConnectedDrive technology can do even more.
The 5 Series got its name by being the fifth of the “new series” cars after the V-8 and Isetta era. The preceding models were the 700, the “New Class”, the “New Six” 2500/2800/Bavaria and the CS. The 5 Series was intended to replace the older New Six sedans.
The body was styled by Marcello Gandini, based on the Bertone 1970 BMW Garmisch 2002ti Geneva show car. Gandini also did the Fiat 132 and Alfa Romeo Alfetta, two other cars that have a similar design.
There have been five generations of the 5 Series to date. To differentiate between them, they are referred to by their unique chassis numbers (EXX).
Bmw 5 Series Sedan history
The 5 Series began the BMW tradition of being named with a three-digit number. The first digit (5 in this case) represents the model, and the following two digits (usually) represent the size of the engine in decilitres, which is the main distinguishing difference. Additional letters or words may be added to the end of the three-digit number to define the fuel type (petrol or diesel), engine or transmission details, and the body style. The ‘i’ originally stood for (fuel) ‘injection’. If you are looking for bmw aufkleber, check out here.

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